The  Engravers  Point

  (Egg Shell Art)  

    Egg Shell Sculpting is a delicate art form that originated centuries ago in the far east.  The egg played an important part in the life of the family.  They were given as gifts for weddings, births, and as collectibles.  In many eastern countries this tradition was, and still is honored.  The egg is considered the source of life.    Eggs sculpted, bejeweled, painted, and decorated are bestowed to honor life and the life it uplifts.  They combine nature's practical, yet delicate design with the elements of fantasy craftsmanship.  The egg is called natures most perfect canvas.   Our preference for egg art is egg sculpting.  The intention of our work is to enhance the beauty of the shell, while striving to keep the original shell as the main point of focus. 

     These pages are my ongoing effort at creating my own web site.  The photo's are also part of the learning curve with trying to master the use of my digital camera.  The darn thing has more settings then I have figure out so far.  My intent is to use these pages to present my egg sculpting to the public, and additionally as my personal egg art archive.  This is a very educational, sometimes frustrating, but always a satisfying experience.  But even old dogs can learn new tricks.  I hope that you will visit  us again soon.


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                                                                        Jim Cindrich