I now have available a booklet "Sculpting Borders On Egg Shells".  If you are looking for patterns that will surround that decoupage piece, sculpted or painted area, this booklet will aid you. Take a look at the goose egg section to see how I have incorporated some of these borders.  This is a sixteen page booklet comes in a hard binder with each page in a document protector.  Three of the pages are general information. Two of the pages are devoted to the cutting techniques. One page shows you how to develop your own border patterns. Then ten pages of patterns, with five different patterns per page.  This booklet is an accumulation of many years of designing, saving, and then incorporating these designs into my egg shell art.

Price: $25.00 + Shipping & Insurance = $35.00

                                                                                                  The Eggers Helper  



      I know that you will appreciate the simplicity and accuracy of this marker.  The holding plates for the marker are constructed of the same plastic as your telephone.  A compass dial is permanently molded into the inboard sides of the holding frames.  This is the only marker where you can set the pencil on the point of reference then divide the egg exactly.  The egg holding frame itself is turned when marking divisions of  2 and 4, 3 and 6.  The egg is not turned for these simple divisions.  You can then re-index your egg, while still in the holding frame, making this marker capable of scribing as many as 360 equal vertical divisions.  The top and bottom dead center can be marked quickly. Girth lines can be marked perpendicular to the division lines. Oval doors can be marked in one simple step.

                                             Price $72.50 + shipping & insurance = $82.50