Show Displays

    This is how we set up our inside show Display Booth.  You are looking at the back and the right side of the booth.  There is also an additional third table on the left side, that isn't shown in this picture.  I've designed the booth to fit either an 8' x 10', or an 10' x10' footprint.  The three sides are hung with the blue cloth panels that Peggy sewed.  The only big change that we are doing for next year is to replace the two lamps left and right of center and get a 6 foot strip light channel overhead. We should then have better flood lighting over the entire table, including the highest eggs on display.  This display, as with all the others is constantly modified to fit the situation.

    This is our indoor setup using just Tables.  There are three display stands that fold flat when not in use, and are very easy to transport.  I carry a 6' and a 4' table , giving us more set up flexibility,  most shows offer an 8' to 10' spot.  I recently bought some light weight fiberglass tables.  A lot less work going back and forth to the shows. 

    This is our set-up  Out Doors.   We use a quick-up type canopy with three tables.  We will also add side curtains and back curtains. As you notice, we also have most of our egg displayed in cases.  It seems that the wind is always trying to get us when we are outside.  Did you notice the 4" cement filled PCV tubes at the corners of the booth?  I  rope them to the canopy to help hold it down.  Wind and egg shells do not go well together.

    This is our indoor set-up with both Demonstration and Display booth.  We add our quick-up canopy next to our display booth.  Demonstrating at shows is really a lot of fun.  It gives the public a chance to see just how the sculpting of egg is done.  I had one customer there for 2 hours.  I had her make a simple egg, by herself, to take home.  I sold every egg that I worked on at that show.  Even one with that I had only finished the outline on.  I have put my air compressor into the ice chest to the left.  This helps muffle the noise.  We like using the tall director chairs.  They make it a lot easier to talk to the customers and are a whole lot more comfortable than folding chairs.