Quail / Duck Egg Shells

    These quail eggs feature a variety of decoupage prints.  Peggy blows out the insides then cleans the shells. Then puts the prints on.  Next comes four to five coats of polyurethane with a wet sanding between each coat.  These multiple coats with  sanding between each coat create a glass like shine that makes the print look like it is embedded into the shell. The piece is then mounted on these unique stands.  Included with each piece is the glass dome, 1 7/8 x 3 1/2, with a wooden base. 


Price $12.00 + shipping & insurance = $17.00

    Shown below is a sampling of some of the prints available.  Also available are prints for the birth months that make unique gifts.  We also have many other prints, so if you have something special in mind give us a call and we will see what we can come up with.


    These next two photo panes show Peggy's duck egg shells on a stand or as hanging ornaments.  They go through the same process as the quail eggs.  Then are put on similar but larger stands.  The available prints are similar to the ones on the quail eggs, only a larger version.  The height of these on their base is around 2 1/2".

Price each: $20.00 + shipping & insurance = $25.00

     These duck eggs are generally the same as above but are put on a ornament hanger for display.


Price each: $22.50 + shipping & insurance = $27.50