Ostrich Egg Shells

    This piece is the most intensive sculpted egg shell that I have created so far.   I worked on this over a period of a little more than four months.   This is also the last piece that I ever tracked my time on.  Even with a price of $2,850 I realized that I was making well below minimum wage per hour.  From that time on I just estimate the hours spent on each piece.  I found that it is easier for me to fool myself that way.  My goal on this piece was to see if I could actually push my skills to create this. This is a 360 degree sculpture with 64 roses in different stages of bloom.  Each rose is connected by vines and ferns.  One of the last steps while making this is to do all the cutouts.  That's when I found  out if there were any internal stresses that I did not see when I selected this ostrich shell.  Everything worked out just fine.  This shell is about 8" high by 5" wide.  Included with this price is fully enclosed, lighted, rotating display.  As the sculpture rotates in the display, three different colors of light  shine into the shell creating quite a dynamic display.