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We are now offering custom one-on-one classes at our home studio.

1. Novice Egg Shell Sculpting:  (approximately 4 hours) This class is offered to those of you just starting on the path to becoming an egg shell sculptor.  Some of you have just gotten your equipment or are thinking of getting the equipment but want to try egging first. For this class I customize the level of instruction to fit the experience  and needs of the beginning egg shell sculptor.  I will start this class by explaining the setup and the care of the equipment.  We then progress to the marking of the egg, pattern development, transferring patterns, choosing the bits to use, cutting techniques and the cleaning/finishing of the sculpted shell.  I will provide all the equipment and medium needed  for the class. However, if you have your own equipment that you want to use, feel free to bring it.  By the end of the class you have created your own personally designed and sculpted goose egg shell, mounted on a base, ready to take home and display.                                              

 Class price $85.00

2. Advanced Emu Shell Sculpting: (approximately 5 hours) This class is directed towards those of you who have previously done some egg shell sculpting, and want to increase your skills in two dimensional egg shell sculpting. During the class you will select a design, and transfer it to the shell.  Then we will get into bit selection and the layer sculpting techniques. We will then clean and put a finish on your creation.  By the end of the class you have created your personally designed and sculpted Emu egg using at least three of colored layers of the of the shell to create the pattern.                   

Class price $105.00 

 3. Advanced Ostrich Shell Sculpting: (approximately 6+ hours) This class is directed to those of you who feel comfortable with the use of your equipment and want to branch out into three dimensional egg shell sculpting.  During the class you will develop a pattern and transfer that pattern to the shell. We then get into the different bit selection and sculpting techniques used on the Ostrich shell.  By the end of the class you will have experienced and practiced the techniques needed to create your Ostrich egg shell work of art.                                                                          

Class price $145.00

4. Introduction to Wood and Glass Engraving: (approx 4 hours) I have designed this class for those of you who want to experience engraving on other medium with your engraving tool.  Click the engraving link in this site to view some of my work. The goal of this class is to have each student leave with a working knowledge of the engraving technique using these other mediums.                                                                                                                          

Class price $85.00 

Class Objectives

All classes are approximately a 90% tutored hands on experience.  My goal is to have the student leave the class with the knowledge and confidence to continue creating their own works of art.    My contact information is in the ordering section of this site.  Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.