Egg Shell Lamps

        These first lamps are sculpted using about 60 % of a larger  Ostrich egg shell.  The overall size is around 12" high, depending on the height of the lamp base.  They are a beautiful night lamp.   When turned on the light shines through the  sculpted area for a very dramatic effect.    Place your mouse over the lamp photo.



Price: $185.00 + shipping and handling = $195.00



Price Each: $185.00 + shipping & Insurance = $195.00

Price: $150 + $10.00 shipping & handling = $160.00

        These next lamps are made by Peggy.  They are designed using a combination of Goose, and Duck egg shells.  A decoupage print is then applied to both the lamp base and shade.  Next comes the shape and shade cutting.  Then finished with about 5 coats of Polyurethane. 


Price Each: $65.00 + shipping & Insurance = $75.00