Emu Shells

    These dark color eggs are from the Emu, the brown bird like an Ostrich.  They are probably my favorite shells to work on.   This shell consist of three different color layers.  The outside layer runs from a dark green to a dark blue. Grinding down one layer brings you to a light blue.  Grinding down farther then brings you  to a very thin layer of white.  Other transition layers can also be exposed with careful grinding, with the diamond burr, between these three different layers.  The size is about 4" wide by 6" high.  The patterns that your are seeing are created by grinding down to the different color layers.  I ruined a lot of shells until I got the technique figured out.   The price on the Emu eggs is between $125.00 to $155.00.  If you are interested in any of these, e-mail me. I will E-mail back a larger more detailed photo with the price.