About Us




         I wanted to put down a few things about us, and also how we got into egging.  My wife Peg and I have two great children, Travis and Jaime.  Both  are on there way to starting their lifeís careers. We also have a few pets. Snuffy and Samson are the dogs, and a bunch of fish in the back yard pond that I built awhile ago.   I am a twenty-year military retiree from both the USMC, and USAF.  Retiree is not really the operative word yet, because I still work full time in a company that deals in producing high end electrical cables for the military, satellites, testing equipment, and other electronic equipment.  That is my job, but egging is my passion.      

        We started doing our egg art in the early 1990ís to give as gifts.  I purchased an air driven tool that was derived from a dental drill.  I was doing gun stock work with this tool, and wanted to try and increase my skills. I figured that if I could cut on eggs shells, I could certainly work on wood.  After the egg dust settled, I realized that eggs shells had become my passion.  Now these shells are the medium that I prefer.   We try to do about 4 to 6  juried and art craft shows a year.  Doing these shows gives us the opportunity to educate the public about our form of art, meet with a lot of really fine people, make a couple of bucks, an have a heck of a good time. 

        Peggy does all the work for the egg art business.  She books the shows, arranges lodging, takes care of the money, and makes sure that I get to where I am suppose to be.  She also likes doing her own style of egging with decoupage, some dioramas, and egg shell lamps. I, on the other hand, have given myself the title "Resident Artist " (everyone should have some sort of a title.)  This one allows me to think that all I have to do is to go into the studio and create.  I don't really think Peggy has bought off on that one yet.